Hoffer Mechanical


Frank Hoffer founded Hoffer Mechanical in January of 1970.  Frank was born in Hungary and grew up in Germany, where he served his plumbing apprenticeship.  Frank’s employers recognized his potential and they sent him to Heidenheim for further training to receive his gas fitter designation.  In 1959 Frank emigrated to Canada, and was quickly employed with Cotnam Plumbing.  Frank used this opportunity to fine tune his piping craft and perfect his English. He met Hilda, a native of Yugoslavia,  in 1964.  They were married in 1965, and their children, Michael and Christine, were born in 1968 and 1971, respectively.

            In 1970 the office was run out of the house on Lake Avenue and the shop was an old garage on Myrtle Street.  Hard work and determination grew the business; the old garage relocated in 1972 to Lanark Street and in 1977 the office followed.  When the opportunity presented itself, Frank and Hilda purchased the property at 460 Grays Road.  In 1978 they built the current facility that is still operated to this day.  Frank and Hilda put their lives into the business and encouraged their children to gain experience both within and outside of the company.  All members of the Hoffer family have worked for the company at one time or another in various capacities.  After graduating with a business degree from McMaster University in 1991, Michael started to work full time with his parents.  He was groomed from a young age to take over the business so that Frank and Hilda could retire.
            Sadly this plan was not to come to term.  Frank passed away in August of 2002 after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Hoffer Mechanical was once again struck by tragedy in December 2004 with the sudden and unexpected loss of Michael.  Hilda, being a very determined woman with a strong desire to have the family business continue, approached four employees with a plan to purchase and operate the business.  In the face of loss, these four employees have taken a strong family company and maintained the tradition built by many years of hard work put in by Frank, Hilda, and Michael.
            These same four employees continue to run the company to this day and will continue to maintain the philosophy of professionalism, fairness, reliability and service.

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