Hoffer Mechanical


Our experience since 1970 has taken us across the province, Europe and the northern United States.
The following will serve to reference some projects completed for various customers demonstrating our experience.

  • Installation of automated nitriding furnace. Ammonia, water, air, nitrogen, CO2, natural gas piping.
  • Stainless steel Acetylene installations.
  • High Pressure Helium installations.
  • Mechanical installation of several Coil Coating Lines including a variety of upgrades. Most recently a complete replacement of ovens, treatment sections, and increased height of accumulator towers.
  • Complete plant plumbing and heating.
  • Mechanical installation of various Pickle Lines.
  • We have provided mechanical supervision on approximately a dozen other Pickle Line installations around the world, including  BHP in Thailand. These  have also included the installation of water treatment systems.
  • Mechanical installation of seven automotive catalyst lines, several retrofits of existing lines, complete building services,  a precious metal plant including a gold refinery. These installations include large bore stainless steel piping. All piping is performed under a constant Argon purge. All piping is welded with GTAW and sizes range from ½” to 48”.
  • Complete ultra-high purity gas installations. All systems are electropolished stainless steel with orbital welded joints. Internal finish 10ra.
  • Piping and instrumentation for bulk and cylinder supplied gases  including O2 (Bulk and pipeline), CO2 (liquid and gas), Nitrogen (liquid and gas), Hydrogen (liquid and gas), Helium, Argon Liquid and gas, Acetylene, Ammonia and many others.
  • Cyrogenic installations of piping, freezer tunnels, vacuum jacketed piping, as well as our own manufactured foam insulated piping.
  • Installation of complete Slitter Lines
  • Retrofit  of TL Cleaning Line.
  • Installation and retrofits of Herr-Voss Lines and equipment.
  • Steam and condensate systems at various locations.