Hoffer Mechanical


Safety Policy Statement for Hoffer Mechanical Company Limited

   This is Hoffer Mechanical’s policy statement with regards to safety. Due to changing times and changing regulations we have endeavored to formulate a safety policy specific to our company. In the formulation of this document we have included both management and labour in an effort to design a working policy which adequately covers all aspects of safety in today’s work place.

             We at Hoffer Mechanical stand by the following statements:

  1. The management of Hoffer Mechanical is completely committed to the prevention of occupational illness & injury. To that end the management of Hoffer Mechanical will do all that is necessary to maintain a safe & healthy work environment.

  2. Hoffer Mechanical will meet or exceed all legislative requirements with regards to safety.

  3. The responsibility for safety rests with all parties. They are management, supervision, subcontractors and employees are all responsible for safety. I will ensure through training that they are aware of their responsibilities, and these responsibilities are carried out.

  4. Safety will not be sacrificed for profit at any time. Safe work practices will, in the long run pay dividends.

          With the help of all employees this commitment by the           management of Hoffer Mechanical will be successful.

Yours truly,
Hoffer Mechanical Company Limited

Manuel J. Lemos